We warmly welcome people to contribute to the Sound Map of Tallinn project and are open to different perspectives of how people hear the city.

How to participate?

For now we need data, that is, sonic experiences of everyday citizens. Simply download the Research Survey Form print it out and fill it in. You can do this for as many sounds and locations as you like.

We hope to have an online survey form soon.

What to do with filled in forms?

We will collect all the forms to form a pool of data. This pool will be used to create a user generated Sound Map of Tallinn. What this map will look like is not entirely clear. It depends on what people submit to us.

The Tallinn Soundscape group meets regularly. For info please send an email to: soundmap[at]maaheli[dot]ee

What will the Sound Map of Tallinn be?

The Sound Map of Tallinn will be a printed map, something between a tourist map and a users guide to the city. Copies of the map will be distributed during the Tallinn 2011 European Capital of Culture. This will help people understand Tallinn from a sonic perspective and also promote Tuned City events in early July 2011.

Please check the reference page for questions about the form. If you have any specific questions, send us and email.