The Sound Map of Tallinn project was born out of the combination of events taking place in Tallinn in the spring of 2010.

An independent group of Students and Professors from Tallinn University formed a soundscape research group to understand the connection of Tallinn city to the extensive waterfront area it shares with the Baltic Sea. The waterfront connection was primarily a restricted zone during the Soviet Union that was accessible only at limited points. Since the re-Independence of Estonia many waterfront areas have become accessible, opening up new possibilities for the citizens and planners of the city to reshape its identity in relation to the sea.

From May 18-22 the Sonic Surveys of Tallinn workshop was held in the frame of the Tuned City pre-Event. Many of the people involved with the Tallinn Soundscape Group took part in the workshop. The combination of these events showed the need for a continued dialogue on the subject of “sound mapping”. Since there are few (if any) good examples of sound maps, it was suggested by Carsten Stabenow to try and produce one for the Tuned City 2011 event.