the Sound Map of Tallinn is ready

Thanks to Carsten and Andreas for their excellent and speedy design work. Our hard earned research looks beautiful in printed form. The map was printed in 2000 copies and distributed widely in Tallinn during Tuned City Tallinn.

sound map of tallinn

folded view


sound map of tallinn

street map view


sound map of tallinn

sound mark descriptions


sound map of tallinn

sketches by Andreas Töpfer

sea plane hangar of Tallinn

the hangar before the renovation

The sea plane hangar of Tallinn was the focus of the Tuned City pre-events of May 2010, the theme of which was “Sonic Landmarks”. Besides being a historic and landmark piece of architecture it is also a fantastic acoustic space.

See the “anatomy of an acoustic space” post by John Grzinich regarding the research and performances conducted there this spring.